Burnout – Episode 4

Season 1, Episode 4

Burnout, the story of capitalism gone wild!
The ambitions of working people to do the best possible, to exceed, to go above and beyond, and to do more are celebrated, as they should be. But how do we honor these hard workers? Too often with unappreciated (read unpaid, undercompensated) work the good intentions of enthusiastic workers are often capitalized by corporations and institutions. And Emerson College, much like many other higher education institutions, doesn’t turn out to be an exception here.
In this episode, our members rate their burnout levels and go on to grill dysfunctional capitalism!

The episode was heavily inspired by an online Bustle article titled “Have We Been Thinking About Burnout All Wrong?” by Eve Ettinger (published March 7, 2022) which was recommended by union member, Dan Crocker. The full article can be viewed at https://www.bustle.com/wellness/burnout-definition-what-we-get-wrong

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Transcript available at https://unityunmuted.com/category/transcripts

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